An entry-level public relations course for those preparing to enter the PR Industry.

Prepare to experience a luxury education through Opulence - a course specifically designed to prepare you for the world of PR, while in undergrad and right after. In FOUR weeks we will create your very own PR Agency MockUp along with developing your understanding of Public Relations and define what it takes to be successful in the industry. There will be assignments and live video discussions every week that will allow you to become prepared for your next BIG move in the PR World. We will equip you with tools exclusive to only our courses.

Finding your niche: We will teach you about all of the niches in the PR industry, help you understand why having a niche matters and help you focus on finding avenues to become skilled in your niche.


Opulence tool-kit: Young People in PR Course Book, FREE Entry Ticket to ANY ONE of our Summits, + A YPPR T-Shirt.


Weekly group calls: Every Tuesday or Friday (depending on your need) at 8:00pm we will gather via a group video conference to discuss your needs and wants and how we can target those areas to succeed. We will also go over group assignments and engage in a Q+A.

Press Release Writing + Pitching: We will equip you with sample press releases and pitch decks to understand how it works and how to successfully utilize these items to be successful with your PR media outreach strategies.


Acing your interview: You will receive exclusive internship and corporate career advice on prepping to gain your first internship and/or career in the PR/Comm. industry.

Access to our members only FB group: Within these connections you will be able to meet everyone who's in the course with you and connect with them during this course. You will be able to make strong connections and work together on assignments.

Exclusive webinar with industry leading professionals: These webinars will be setup with PR professionals from some of the top professional and corporate PR agencies.

A sample professional public relations contract: I will show you how to professionally put together a PR contract that's up to industry standard. This contract will encompass how you lay down the A to Z to prepare for a strong, polished, professional client relationship.


Photoshop/Canva tutorial with UNLIMITED REPLAYS: I will show you how I create amazing content that helps my clients flourish. I will provide a pre-recorded, step-by-step video(s) that will help you begin creating your very own content for your clients.


An EXCLUSIVE media contact list with TOP TIER contacts: This media contact list is exclusive to the OPULENCE group and includes direct media contacts to editors and producers at POPSUGAR, BET, Ellen, OWN & Oxygen - just to name a few. This is so you'll be able to contact their team directly and possibly secure client features.

JUNE 1, 2019

this course is for you if...

  • You need help getting started in the PR industry

  • You’re in undergrad or you just graduated and you're wanting to land a job at an agency or start your own.

  • You want to transition from your current job and into a PR career.

  • You want to build your network amongst other budding and Senior Publicists

  • You want a mentor who's interested in helping you grow




We have developed a payment plan without restrictions.

It's basically pay as you go until the deadline (May 30th at 11:59 p.m.)

No minimum payment required, just pay what you can until your balance is paid in full. 

Once you enroll, you'll be asked to fill out the registration form and then you input the amount you want to pay. No minimum required. It doesn't matter if it's $10 or $100. This is to remove the stress of deadlines and having to pay a large lump sum all at once.

How does this all




Beginning every Monday morning, I will provide assignments and information that is specifically for you to use at your disposal. During our Group Video Chat Sessions you will have the opportunity to come to the session with any questions and ideas. We will then discuss and begin to plan from that point on.

Throughout the week, I will send you questions and resources that will allow you to become engaged, ultimately learning everything there is to know about that weeks topic.

All Materials will be ready for download on Monday morning by 10:30am and will be kept in your members only portal module folders for your download and reference needs.

You must stay in constant communication within our PRIVATE group pages for this course and it's participants only.





The Total Course Experience includes everything from top to bottom of our list. If you're looking to knock out FOUR years of basic college material in a PR/Comm concentration, this is option is preferable.



No matter if you just want one session or two, one course or three - this option allows you to pick and choose how'd you want your Opulence course experience to play out. No worries, no minimum purchase required. Just our people, your budget and an awesome experience.





That's right! We get it! College students already spend and average of $10k per year and adding an additional leisure course is just another woe to becoming great! We've opened up our registration to get you the FULL EXPERIENCE!