An entry-level public relations course for those preparing to enter the PR Industry.

Prepare to experience a luxury education through Opulence - a course specifically

designed to prepare you for the world of PR, while in undergrad and right after.

In FOUR weeks we will create your very own PR Agency MockUp along with developing your understanding of Public Relations and define what it takes to be successful in the industry. There will be assignments and live video discussions every week that will allow you to become prepared for your next BIG move in the PR World. We will equip you with tools exclusive to only our courses.

What's Included?

Weekly Live Group Video Chats: Every Thursday at 6:30pm we will gather via a group video conference to discuss your needs and wants and how we can target those areas to succeed. We will also go over group assignments and engage in a Q+A.

Mentorship Connections: Within your enrollment, you'll be paired with a mentor who's also a PR expert, waiting to guide you through your new PR journey.

Opulence Media List: This media contact list is exclusive to the OPULENCE group and includes direct media contacts to editors and producers at POPSUGAR, BET, Ellen, OWN & Oxygen - just to name a few. This is so you'll be able to contact their team directly and possibly secure client features.

Press Release writing + Pitching Workshop: We will equip you with sample press releases and pitch decks to understand how it works and how to successfully utilize these items to be successful with your PR media outreach strategies.

Exclusive Access to Our Members Only FB Group + Mailing List: Within these connections you will be able to meet everyone who's in the course with you and connect with them during this course. You will be able to make strong connections and work together on assignments. 

Exclusive Webinars: These webinars will be setup with PR professionals from some of the top professional and corporate PR agencies.

Pitch Workshop: Learn how to successfully pitch yourself and/or your client so that you're ready for support from funding corporations and business ventures.

•Your OPULENCE PR Tool-Kit:  

•Pairing with a Mentor

•Young People in PR Notebook

•Resume + LinkedIn Preparation

•FREE Entry to ANY ONE of our Summits

•Scheduled check-ins with Young People in PR Director + Leads

•Opportunity to host a webinar with your fav. Publicist


How does this all


Beginning every Monday morning, I will provide assignments and information that is specifically for you to use at your disposal. You will have until Thursday evening at 6:30pm to come to our Group Video Chat Session with any questions and ideas. We will then discuss and begin to plan from that point on.

Throughout the week, I will send you questions and resources that will allow you to become engaged, ultimately learning everything there is to know about that weeks topic.

All Materials will be ready for download on Monday morning by 10:30am and will be kept in our DropBox folder for your downloads and reference needs.

At the end of our FOUR week course, you will be awarded with a certificate and will be entered in to win a SPECIAL GIFT for your participation in this course.

You must stay in constant communication within our PRIVATE group pages for this course and it's participants only.

This Class is Just For you


  • You’re in undergrad or you just graduated and you're wanting to land a job at an agency or start your own.

  • You want to transition from your current job and into a PR career.

  • You want to build your network amongst other budding and Senior Publicists

  • You want a mentor who's interested in helping you grow


The Opulence full-course enrollment includes a full course load + Your Opulence Tool-Kit, all of which includes:

•Weekly Live Group Video Chats

•Mentorship Connections

•Opulence Media List

•Press Release writing + Pitching Workshop

•Pitch Workshop

•Monthly Check-ins with Young People In PR Director